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Company history

You should know who we are and how our company has developed piece by piece over the decades.

We are living tradition and values.

Janssen Holzbau GmbH is standing for an over 75 years old tradition und this is our responsability - and we like it.

Founder Johann Janssen
The Janssen Holzbau GmbH was founded by the master carpenter Johann Janssen in 1934. Healthy growth includes values and growth over the decades for us.

As the son of the carpenter Johann Janssen, Rudolf Janssen led the tradition and the company from the year 1975. Also a master carpenter with a heart of passion and blood, Rudolf Janssen could expand the production sector and built a new production facility at the industrial area of ​​Werlte.Rudolf Janssen with mit Gattin

In 1978 Rudolf Janssen has expanded the production area with nail plate trusses.

Just three years later the Janssen Holzbau GmbH moved in new designed rooms at the industrial area of ​​Werlte.

In 1995 a new computer-controlled machine for contract joineries was installed at the Unfriedstreet.

Rolf Janssen mit wife

In 1998 the grandson of the founder joined the company. Rolf Janssen, also a carpenter as his grandfather and father, continued the family tradition. As a graduate engineer Rolf Janssen changed to the management section in 2003 and leads the company.

With the start of construction in 1999 a unique facility in Europe for NP-constructions has been planned and implemented within three years.

The new NP-construction area is now located at the Railway station street, only about 1 kilometer away from the previous location, and is equipped with the latest and newest technology.

At a fourteen thousand square feet area and covered production area the Janssen Holzbau GmbH construct the nail plate trusses and deliver them to the construction, roofing and carpentry companies.

Today, a workforce of 50 employees is able to serve our customers.

We are working as a team and we have high requirements at ourselves: this is the only way to guarantee that our customers are satisfied with our performance and service.


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