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Functionality of nail plate trusses
The technical concept of the nail plate trusses includes the combination of bumps by pressing in nail plateson both sides. So we create force-fit connections, that leads to the result of a carrying capacity and optimum material utilization führen.

Funktionsweise von NagelplattenbindernNail plates are made ​​of galvanized steel sheets and are characterized by rectangular shaped cutouts brand.
Nail plates are operational used as timber connectors in different nail lengths and thicknesses according to static calculation.

Different sized nail plates are pressed accurately to the default static position and with a predetermined pressing pressure at the different press machines.

The results are force-fit connections for bearing pressures.

After we have received from our clients the approved architectural plans to execute, we create with our engineering team the verifiable statics for the NP-roof construction.

The required data for the production machine are produced by us and sent to the machine online.

The industrially prefabricated construction components allows weather-independent production and timely installation.

[Download der NP-Zulassungen]

Funktionsweise von Nagelplattenbindern


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